Changing Fonts (Poem)


TITLE: CHANGING FONTS: From Italic to Bold


Favoritism is obscene
There was no defense
Until in my terrain
It revealed
The indication of care
To preclude my essence
From its fundamental nature to dare
Provoke me
For I am
To swear
Give revolution acclaim
Audacity to amend
And make fair
Delearn the facts
For Silence makes war
And words serve peace
Who claimed I am not to fail!
The crude pity you, who deem civilization is measured by the peak of its buildings
For it will disintegrate
And divulge your naked truth
Made of obnoxious mold
Fragile not rare
To not bear
Once more
Sexism & despair
What is the color of your blood?
You are a target if you are fair
You are much hunted with long hair
You are an “it” if a black tradition wraps your femininity
Fascism: with you, I guarantee a dictator
Liberalism: I shall seek balance, because you represent not what’s on my television’s screen.
Dogma: Because of you, my youth is blind, because of you, my land I won’t find.
Faith: With your existence, faithlessness occurs and betrayal strikes the delicate and the rough.
Humanity: for you are made inclusive, with or without a religion all through the human pace.
Lean a little bit to the left
A little to the right
Adjust your smile
And take a photo beside my work
For your sin is to be unrecognized
Between a crowd of photogenic others
To have or to be
I live to tell a tale
I shall be

اختمها قائلة: مسكين من يفكر أن الحضارة بطول العمارة

Written around the 12th of December, 2009
During The Flood Crises in Jeddah



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  1. Salam Fatima,

    Allow me to give you this poem, which is inspired by your poem, line by line, literally. In fact, three lines are yours. Forgive me if this type of poetical alignment is unacceptable to you. I just couldn’t help it but let my emotions settle their struggle with words in expressing how I feel today. My words have definitely learned from yours. Thank you.

    Changing Letter Case: From lowercase to UPPERCASE

    Equality is demand
    When defense is weak
    Not for earth and sky
    I sit and weep
    The prolonged absence
    To obviate my right
    From my essence to be
    Ignore me
    For I am
    To swear
    Give revolution acclaim
    Fearlessness to share
    And make humane
    Construct to know
    For oblivion is defeat
    And words build flow
    Who dare I am not to grow
    The viscous greedy you,
    who deem culture is valued by your money
    For knowledge shall rise
    High above your tallest peaks
    Made of salt and glass
    Dissolves and breaks
    To not set free
    More and throughout
    Thoughts and tunes
    What air do you breathe?
    For I inhale your carbon dioxide
    While oxygen I breathe out
    My mind and heart are trapped on your lane
    I shall break away from centrality
    For Fascism was defeated evil
    And Socialism is nothing but calamity
    I shall return despite monsters anew
    For Neoliberalism is a hoax
    To control what trickles down by the few
    I shall believe My Way
    For no dogma shoved down my throat
    Will hold sway
    Sway to the left
    Sway to the right
    Align your handle to my eyesight
    For I am coming in synergy with friends
    Who see beginnings as they see ends
    To be or do
    I demand equality
    To live like humans do

    Ziad Aazam
    26th of December 2011

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