A “she” is Blushing (Poem)


I am not make-up

But a hindering sentiment

Brought to you by tyranny

Exclusive to repent

For that, my back is bent

Imprisoned behind a fantasy

A prospect to become

Someone you thought was you

I am blushing

I can’t hide

It’s all over my face

When I speak

It becomes my space

I am blushing

I was taught it was biological

That society was born patriarchal

Until I spotted the gift wrap

Wrapping us like crystals

It was a lie, a discovery

Rendering of an opportunity

For disgrace and responsibility

Yes, I am a she

When I turned six

Freud kissed me goodbye

Told me it’s now piled up

In the memory of my mind

He knocked on my head

And said

It’s your unconsciousness

On a board of chess

You’re a statue

A pawn, a horse, a queen, a king or a knight

Not anymore, my life was not mine

I wondered though if it’s still worth the fight

I discovered then

Guiding my kite … Was the wind

Walking away … Out of sight

The heavens lay beneath the feet of our mothers

But when her and I

Become hostages of a single stream

Who can wake us up?

If we’re enmeshed in this dusty dream

When happiness dies

And time flies

I unfold my umbrella

For the sky is purring lies

Going to Paree (French pronunciation of Paris)

To set myself free

At a five star hotel

Is not the key

Girl in The Rain With Umbrella - Oil Painting - by Debra Hurd - 2009

To come across a parallel kind

One hoping to find

Makes me sweat

In fear of the present’s threat

For the past is now detected

And my future is probably infected

For time and error

Make traditions seem like horror

Many things seem adorable

Most of them are unaffordable

As if I asked for more restrictions

I am not numb

You can hear my heartbeats

On my thumb


I am blushing


4 responses »

  1. Hi Fatima, it’s Bhavika here. I really love this poem of yours. It’s just simply beautiful. You are talented, as your poems are something people can easily relate to. All the best with the rest. 🙂

  2. Fatima…how come i read this now and not before?! i love the your poems, you have a gift not many have. You can just roll down your pen and spin into the world of illusions into spirals of anything or everything.

    Best wishes.


  3. Sweetheart, this means a lot ❤
    Thank you for your support. I'm telling you Psychology just got into me!!!
    & don't forget the Psych Chicks' inspirations 😉

    Love you,

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