Lively Numbness (Poem)


A dosage of antipsychotics

By a psychology novice

I sign no consent form

I ought to convince

Determined not to conform

Reluctantly filtering

A self-absorbed fanatic


Your choices are: Cyprolax

Towards an enduring numbness

When have we become

Consumers of paled happiness

To sit, sip and relax

When the question transforms

“From what book you read”

“To what drug you use”


Grannies and mothers

Despaired and depressed

A persona of a smiling stress

Putting them to smother

A coat made of fur

In a humid weather

Addicted to chemicals

Company X

Manufactures drug Y

A cure for condition Z

Leaving you in bed

In constant sweat

Towards a prolonged dream

Of pills in a bowl

Assembling pupils

Wide open as if an owl


An expedition

Swallowed through ones bloodstream

A mind’s cognitive portrayal

Of hope’s inability to fail

A pill, yet not a pill

A visionary stimulant

Absolute for you, an ambivalent

In a meandering obstacle

Let it be

Madly constant

Carving a frame

Casing a wound

Undertaken by magicians

An awakening of a soul


From death to life

Back into your DNA

Through time and space

Filled with grace

Harmony within

The assortment of the I’s

Beauty in this blend

Symptomatic of a trend

You are everything

You become alike

When the soul and body

Jointly bring melodic glory

If so, so what?

Bhudda’s were an opposition

To the so called



In the name of enlightenment, democracy and science

I suffer censorship, stigma and silence

To produce material good

Bringing home one more pound

You’re welcomed, safe and sound

But to produce mental food

We are not proud

Being pulled to the ground

For matter over mind

Makes the world go unfound

We are a busy crowd

Antipsychotics and labeling

Let alone an American dream


Don’t go scientific because you’re a scientist

Go Humanitarian because they are human

Could I have chosen psychedelics?

Am I too broken to fix?

Or perhaps I need no drugs

For I

Am drugs.


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