ALL EYES ON EGYPT! How-To Support The Millon Man March From Abroad




In Cairo & Alexandria, courageous and determined Egyptians are planning to make tomorrow, February1st, their biggest day of protestever! We must show our support for several reasons:

  1. They need to know they are not alone in this uprising.  it may seem like this is the trendiest topic right now, but their internet is down and cell phones intermittently work. If we scream loud enough, they’ll hear us.
  2. We need to show our leaders that we expect them to take action – as we stand in solidarity with Egyptians and we expect them to do so as well.
  3. Other oppressive governments can begin planning their retreat – let’s face it, there are a lot of dictators to oust.
  4. Media all around the world will be encouraged (based on ratings alone) to keep this as a major story.  The more stories, the more people will hear it by default, if anything.
  5. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have played a fundamental role in this uprising by providing the capacity to amplify voices of Egyptians to millions upon millions of users.  Let’s further maximize these tools!

Get your computers & cell phones ready to work their hardest…

ONLINE activism:

  • Tweet with the hashtag #Egypt to the top of the trends.
  • Blog your hearts out!
  • Comment on articles & share them with the plug-ins offere on each website.
  • Share stories of those you know on the ground.
  • Post images on Twitter, Facebook, your blogs.
  • Circulate articles you find valuable (like this one).
  • Tag friends in Egypt, and those active in this movement in your posts/tweets to broaden impact.
  • Make your profile picture something that shows support for those in Egypt (feel free to use the attached image).
  • Re-tweet posts of Egyptian activists, demonstrators, and media that are on the ground. Add the hashtag #Egypt if not already applied.
  • Share this note with EVERYONE!

Offline action:

  • Talk to people – make global news part of their everyday conversation.  Expose those who are unaware of the story or why this affects them & present the opportunity to take action & spread the word.
  • Participate/organize local demonstrations – is a great tool & there are maps online calling out all sorts of demonstrations.
  • Post signs (obey rules & laws).
  • Listen – none of us know everything and there is a ton of information flowing.  Take the opportunity to learn more so you can share more.


  • Be respectful.
  • Participate in a nonviolent manner.


Demonstrate to Egyptians and others fighting similar battles around the world that we join them in their fight for DEMOCRATIC freedoms!

This is a historical day – the day Hosni Mubarak will be officially ousted!


Available in Spanish:


** By: Stephanie Rudat



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