Egypt: Gypped and Freed


Written a week ago!

I just heard from a trustworthy Egyptian source about another heroic experience by a group of, you know who. Egypt’s peaceful revolutionaries. As she describes, it was before the 25th of January protests in #TahrirSquare that this group of 20 persons were gathering at one of Egypt’s famous and common coffee shops/hangouts. They had posters being prepared, spirits being encouraged and ideas being planned. Posters were drawn and expressionistic statements were being written. At Thuhr time, the women stood in groups of 2s, 3s and 4s to pray. It was not a few minutes after, that a police officer entered the coffee shop, snatched the posters and left. Minutes after, a voice from behind asserted: “Yalla m3aya = Come with me”. The group were taken to the central security truck, after searching their personal bags and taking their phones and IDs.

22 persons were in the truck, having 2 uninvolved people randomly seated in the same coffee shop. The truck drove around the streets of cairo for a few hours, mean while a few of those arrested started bargaining with the police officer, explaining the cause of the protest yet to be held. One of the police officers, as described: “cool and seemingly a good guy” was of support throughout the negotiation.

The names of 22 were written, their addresses, occupations and birth dates were documented. The last resort was the famous grand Pyramids, where they were dropped and set free. From that moment on, and once they spotted the horses staring from afar, a single idea surfaced their energized minds, each hopped on a horse, gave it that one strike that fired the revolution from that day on.. (Joking Joking Joking: thought I needed to spice the story with some cinnamon).

The truck set the 22 free near the Pyramids. They were divided into taxis heading towards the meeting point where thousands of similar heroic stories was to be lived, told and engraved in history.

“Abtal Cilantro – Cilantro Heros” — When the revolution spread its wings in Tahrir Square. We extend our gratitude to the heroes of Egypt -Om El-Dunya-

In support to Egypt, from a neighboring land (Saudi), I wrote you a simple poem, nothing more than a celebration from the heart:

Unused to the surfacing of an opposition

Defying a 30 year long brutal oppression

An alarming signal awakening The Motherland

Time for the awaited march against humiliation

In revival of the deprived deadly sand

Witnessing the unfolding of generations

Facing bullets of boldness and dehumanization

Forcing streams of sore alienation

After pushing for the right for constant confrontation

Every Muslim, if you’re a Jew or even a Christian

I am a woman; therefore I am a man

I am a man; therefore I am a woman

In labor of true humanization

For Egypt has always been particularly grand

Never has it left a momentary impression

Found at the peek, climbed by kids

Lays an eternal eminent history within its pyramids

Digging for Truth, detecting the capital “T”

Saved was a nation

Of blind folded domination

Affirming a global gesture highlighting a united stand

A mixture of growth in magnitude

And communal standardization

Waving in the air are but peaceful hands

Towards the rebirth of God’s sole creation

In fulfillment of their budding demand

Stemming from required core alterations

The confinement of a novel democratic brand

The rise of the five senses in fascination

Letting freedom’s breeze stir cold sensations

Allowing the presence of a severe sense of elation

Attempts of rubber shots claiming “they understand”

There will be death

Not the end of mankind

Launching the beginning of a peaceful breath

I watched a clip of youth chanting in celebration

For it was but a psychotic hallucination

Embarked on with a simple naturalistic observation

The fulfillment of a supreme vision

Remarking Tahrir Square, it’s a mission

May the globe spark in certainty

A dream is today but reality

Let us extend a virus

A contagious meaning of a critical imitation

Walk like an Egyptian

For this, was never a mistake in pronunciation


Meanwhile my 10 year old sister predicted (50 years from now) future scenarios and lifestyles, she wrote the following:

1. After 50 years, people will go to malls with no cloths on them.

2. After 50 years, there will be a machine called pretty machine. It makes people pretty.

3. After 5o years, everything will fly, even people will fly.

4. After 50 years, we will die.

5. After 50 years, cars will fly.

According to what you’ve just read, I wonder if the growing generation will be including this as an important criterion: Our President should be handsome/pretty! If criterion wasn’t met, we shall revolt..


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