20 Years Apart #2


This overwhelming night, filled with lucid dreams has ended with the beauty of sunrise, but I still had until sunset to meet my sister.

At 5:40pm, my brother, his wife and I left the house to meet the other half of the family at the VIP section of the airport. We didn’t notice until minutes before arrival that we have actually took a wrong way. We took a deep breath and held on tight for a rollercoaster ride to the VIP section. We arrived to the fancy nancy type of lounges, where the bathroom is one that’s to be mentioned in a blog post!

Although there was a delay in the flight’s arrival, it was worrying how long it took for our sister to arrive. We were then told that the airplane is empty and she hasn’t appeared to the car driver who was responsible of picking her up. Yeah, speaking of a major family reunion after 20 years of being apart, the one thing we weren’t expecting to hear was they couldn’t find her on the plane! Consequently, the only prediction that made sense was that she has taken a bus with the rest of the ‘people’ instead.

Her phone was off, yet luckily, she was able of speaking to baba through one of the passengers’ phones. Our prediction was correct and she was still in the passport control queue. We’re on our way!

We went back to the airport where my brother and I had mistakenly gone. On our way, we thought, how did it happen that we no longer trust our driven intuitions! Anyhow, while being with the crowds of people waiting at the arrival gate, we heard baba’s name being called out. All seven of us shouted: “Here!”

Baba went in to sort some papers out, having our sister only have a one-entry passport. With a pink Sinbad abaya on, my sister a navy one, my brother with his blond hair wearing a thobe and his wife with a red abaya, it was most definite that the entire waiting hall was starring at us! Only to add to the drama episode of this family reunion! Baba, all classical, charming and calming entered from a secret back door, where his daughter was waiting patiently. From our side, both of my younger brothers tried to take a sneak peak but have failed. On the other side, baba walked in, they saw each other from a distance, the passport control workers all excitingly congratulating them… Hugs. Tears. Oh overwhelming!

Capturing the first moments 'slow motion'

I was the first to recognize baba with a gorgeous lady leaving that sliding door. I shouted. BABA! BABA! I prepared my camera and started running towards them. The rest were all behind me. Perhaps also running. Funny view to imagine! Drama. Drama. Drama.

No really! It was such a dramatic moment when we met. I hugged my sister, but having got the first hug, it was too overwhelming to grasp it for a fact, so I had to hug her again to make sure she was actually in front of me! Yes, she was. SHE IS!

I thought it was such a profound statement to say: “I wish I can put you all in one body to hug and have a conversation with… This is all so surreal”

Yes, imagine arriving to a new family, where you’re already loved and missed; moreover, where each one wants to converse and speak to you; share past experiences and future dreams.. More precisely, to an Arab family, where we’re not merely two or three family members, but an extension of 6 siblings, stepparents, grandparents, cousins and the rest of the society!!

Arriving home, we enjoyed a meal of fattoosh and a homemade lasagna, spoke about yoga, psychology, life and vitamins..

Welcome home ❤

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  1. No way, i Very similar story happens to my sister daughter, was who was coming from UK, we had the same drama down there, who went throw quick because she was kinda lost and her phone off , so she didn’t even go into package check scan , since Its was Ramadan and was fatoor time, so most of workers was eating fatoor, so she just want throw the line without anyone seeing her , but we almost got in big trouble but thanks god we didn’t, but yah our airport its just a drama overall, then the VIP tanfizi is just so different and most of time also they become lame useless over there ,and the keep expecting baksish or bribbing! , so who we blame?

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