Touring The Edge Of Arabia


The opening day of an exhibition is usually characterized with enormous number of people, mostly ones you know, been introduced to, or haven’t seen for so long. In a nutshell, opening days are social gatherings that enhance networking chances and collaborations. Consequently, if you have been invited to attend one of those elitist art gallery openings, then you’d like to hope that at least the artists’ work would resemble the social reality as it is and not as we want it to seem to the rich.

Anyhow, I have been privileged to tour the Edge of Arabia Exhibit twice this month, and especially with my friends exhibiting profound art pieces there, I feel our Art Culture is in good hands once again. Together we can see the political scenarios, social taboos and life experiences that molded the following art pieces:

Street Art Talk - Ahmed Angawi

My Name Is..

Ahmad Mater's

Our past filled with traditional religious cassettes emphasizing the (Haram, Eib, Batel)

Headed to Makkah..

Empty Land

World Map Perceptions - Hamza Serafi

Cowboy & Islam Guidelines - Ahmed Mater

Arab Hospitality

Stuff from Makkah

Our Essence


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