Visiting The Arab World Institute – زيارة إلى معهد العالم العربي


I visited the Arab World Institute when I visited Paris. It is a collaboration between several Arab countries, reaching out to approximately 18, in coordination with France. The institute aims to aid students, as well as promote research about the Arab world, its cultures, values, spirituality and traditions.

The President of the Institute is Dominique Baudis and Mona Khazindar is a Saudi women who is currently the director general of the Paris-based Institut de Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute).

Arab World Institute stands out with its remarkably built architecture, that has “mechanical light sensitive brise soleil designed by Jean Nouvel behind the glass curtain wall on the AWI’s southwest face”. The photos bellow will illustrate those windows.

The institute provides an area for students and researchers to work, along with resources in its spiral shaped library. In addition to four floors of an open museum exhibiting “pre-Islamic past of Arab countries, highlighting the diversity of cultures, languages, beliefs and ways of life that have coexisted in the Arabian peninsula and Africa for thousands of years.”

It also regularly schedules galleries, such as the current Tunisian Revolution gallery. Furthermore, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes. Finally, a small bookstore where, I personally purchased fabulous books on feminism and religion. However, their books cover a wide range of topics, such as the arts, revolutions, poetry, in addition to the children’s books section.


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