Smokey City


1. In my hometown, Jeddah, people have many dreams.

2. Jeddah is a smokey city.

These two sentences could either be irrelevant to one another or could be dependent on each other. I’d like to see a relationship between social phenomena, habits and mind sets. Smokers wouldn’t be dreaming of smoke, because they would be smoking it already. Thus, I had to recognize that these people perhaps smoke to dream. People who smoke the hookah, spend hours and hours on a chair, at home or in a coffee shop, and you cannot interrupt their smoking, because by that, you’d be waking them up from (REM: Rapid Eye Movement), the deepest stage of sleep, characterized by the occurrence of dreams. Smokers inhale social signals, and exhale thoughts back into their surroundings, just to inhale them back into their system..

Only a month ago, I moved to Boston, and just next to my building is a spot for the homeless. Ironically, that spot is filled with art pieces and installations that statements like the following are engraved on: ‘When I grow up, I dream to become a pilot, or ‘I will become a great achiever when I grown up’.

Do you see any relationship between the installations and the place those homeless have chosen for themselves? Or a relationship between this and those who exhale their dreams in the shape of smoke?

Oh well,, people in my city think skyscrapers are a symbol of civilization and accomplishment, so I drew this!

City of Hookas

City of Hooka’s


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    • Reminds me of something by Gibran, Speaks to us of work. “For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite”

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