Vivid Journaling


After feeling like a dumbhead in math classes, I have decided to give my gifted side a treat. Therefore, I have enrolled in a Vivid Journaling class, alongside my GRE classes. Yes, because when you feel stupid and slow, it is necessary not lose hope on yourself after feeling like a complete failure! Using crayons and water colors would definitely make you feel like an achiever!

This Vivid Journaling class has been a miracle. Other than it being extremely therapeutic, through allowing oneself to reflect thoroughly on one’s own past, present and future, but it also allows someone like me, who’s interested in both, writing and painting, to have them compliment each other.

Tasks such as: “write your life story in 50 words” may be shocking, but honestly, you’d want to try those. You’ll be amazed. “Draw a picture of what you think your family was like just before you were born”. “Try choosing a logo for yourself, not the common business ones, but an image that you would want to represent you now”

I drew this picture of a canvas covered with rhythms of pastel colors, like the Temple of Elements. However, I had my elements extend beyond the limits of the canvas, as if applying to my life. Can you see that flame? Perhaps i’m thriving to see those elements join and shine! I’ll leave that for the future to explain.

Don’t you want to be at peace with the time that is left? Surrounded by trees, I was there in a Buddhist position of solitude and peace. I wonder why I left those trees unfilled! Am I sitting on top of the earth? Maybe if you’re aspiring for a peace of mind, this is where you should be staying.

This is where I remember my beloved Jeddah, in the creation of bridges, in striving to reach the other side or simply in recognition of having an option to go beyond the limits.

Sometimes, no gravity is better than too much gravity.


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  1. I Liked the first painting so much for I saw two things in it.
    On the basis of the accompanying story, I saw persistence in moving yourself out of paralysis into motion again. I also saw comfort in letting the ever-flowing ideas that your mind and soul moan from bearing, because of their heaviness, out to the world – even if they extended beyond the frame of the canvas but at least they are out there….I envy you 🙂
    How could you move that quickly from paralysis to motion??

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