For God, not for the Virgins!


If the earths and skies did not fit God

The human heart has always had

In every breath, I am a “daughter of time”

Of God’s glory

And of the human story

Of his story, her story, and mine

In life

A quest for love

Don’t you worry

A language delivered to you in the womb

Not at all tough

One, which requires no words

A state of mind, an open heart

A blossom in the hand

Let there be no halal or haram

Neither hell nor heavens

Look inside, for these elements are within

Not outside of you

In every depth, every human, you’ll find a clue

Only when we burn heaven and turn off the fire in hell

Will we be able to do good deeds without awaited benefits

For what is better than to love for the loved

To give, for the needy

To rescue, for the drowned

And to be a messenger of God on the ground

To let go of the virgins

To dry your body from the pools of wine

To believe in God

Without a spell, a verse, or a shrine


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  1. “Only when we burn heaven and turn off the fire in hell

    Will we be able to do good deeds without awaited benefits”

    If this beautiful meditation is not by virtue of a humble influence then you & Rabia share the same archetype. Then again, one doesn’t exclude the other.

    “One day Rabia was seen running with fire in one hand and water in the other. They asked her why she was doing this and where she was going. She replied, “I am running to light a fire in Heaven and to pour water on the flames of Hell, so that both veils to the Face disappear forever.” ”

    Glory to both.

    • When I wrote this, I was reading a fictional novel on Rumi and Shams, and this concept was in one way or another surfaced. This specific story of Rab’ia shocked me when I read it this semester, however, I can’t deny the fact that we’ve always rejected this concept of clinging to a heaven or a hell to do or be good, if you remember; Our little kaynoona sessions were not so little after all.

      Glory to you and Shams!

      • I derive solace in knowing that whilst concepts don’t shake mountains they nevertheless point to a need. A need to animate their abstract truths with my whole being – or in the language of Sahrawardi “experiential illumination”.

        Mulla Sadra challenged my belief in that motive (zuhud in lust for heaven or fear of hell) to attain perfection, when he said the following:

        الزهد في الدنيا – على أي وجه كان – لا شيء محض، لكون الدنيا لا شيئاً محضاً، والعاقل لا يزهد في اللاشيء (..) كما قال تعالى” وما الحيوة الدنيا إلا متاع الغرور” (..) ومدة الحياة الدنيا بالقياس إلى دوام الآخرة كلحظة، وسعة مكانها بالقياس إلى مكان الآخرة كذرة “كأنهم يوم يرونها لم يلبثوا الا عشية او ضحاها” في الحديث عنه صلى الله عليه وسلم “مالدنيا في الآخرة إلا مثل أحدكم غمس إصبعه في اليم فلينظر بم يرجع” فترك هذا القليل واجب وليس بزهد في الحقيقة، وإنما ورائها عالم آخر بل عوالم أخر – إليها رجعى الطاهرات من النفوس “وللآخرة آكبر درجات وأكبر تفضيلا”

        فمن أراد أن يعرف عظمة الله ويعرف عظمة أسمائه الحسنى – التي يكون عالم الآخرة ظلالها، وهذا العالم ظلال ظلالها – ويجد من رحمة الله نصيبا أكثر وحظا أوفر فليزهد عن الآخرة، وليزهد عن الزهد فيها أيضاً، حتى يخوض لجة الوصول، ويخلص عن نفسه وقلبه بالكلية، وقيل: الزهد في الدنيا يريح النفس، والزهد في الآخرة يريح القلب، والإقبال بالكلية إلى الله يريح الروح.

        واعلم أن العوالم والنشئات الوجودية بمنزلة طبقات بعضها محيطة ببعض والسالك إذا صعد من عالم وولج في عالم آخر، كأنه مات من الأول، وتولد في الثاني، قال عيسى عليه السلام: “لن يلج ملكوت السموات من لم يولد مرتين”


        If my being in the world is not even partially attuned to the principle of being in this world; a principle which entails a fundamental zuhud and not an optional one- because zuhd in a transient reality is illogical, as Sadra argued. Then how can I claim association to a practice that promotes zuhud in the afterlife as a preliminary action for annihilation in God as opposed to resting at the threshold of his divinity – i.e. the garden of paradise. If, simply put, the pleasures of paradise are the multiplications of the pleasures of earth, bodily and psychological, and I can’t renounce the earthly forms in their entirety then how can I claim zuhud in the entirety of their heavenly counterparts for the sake of what lies beyond them!

        For a true seeker of annihilation spending an eternity in paradise is equal to an eternity in hell..

        Yet, the cultivation continues.

  2. I always held dear a young dream, a dream which preceded the encounter, where I saw myself sinking as I tried to persevere thru a muddy soil under stormy skies but I was completely submerged, after which I emerged, as a tree, only when I became my own roots. I am not a branch in a tree; I am one. And I am attesting to my becoming. I wish you more growth.

      • If the self (as seed) has been planted in the imaginal soil and sprouted into a tree and the totality of its being stood in shuhud, then a spiritual initiation has occurred and revealed itself as a Sign whether in the dictum of blessed dreams or a merciful flashes. Subsequently this Sign presents itself as a splinter in the logic of time, thereby, disclosing our already-arrived-at-destination while simultaneously inviting us to become it. What dawns on the this body is to actualise this realisation of its imaginal state through trans-substantial motion in order to reap more transcendental potentials- i.e. to embody the virtues of each order of potentiality so as to trans-substantiate to it and move into the next one. That is how I am paradoxically aware of my treeness while also becoming a tree.

        Or what you said.

        “I am not yet a tree, I am yet to be. Though the heaviness of those roots I can see.”

        And if one can see through the cracks of time then they already are what they see.

        :أو كما قيل
        “البذرة حياة مؤجلة” – ابن عربي

        حياة تريد ما هي عليه، قائمة بكليتها في بذرها ، وتنتظر تحققها في حصاد روحها

  3. There was a time when it was easier to identify people good intention. We currently live in a state where it is much harder to recognize our own side. humanity has gone through many evolution of ideas and events that swept the true meaning of peace and good. Family members, friends and colleagues are trapped in different spider webs. Wish that there is a simple base line that resets and units people in one path.

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