Thinking this part through and actually sitting and typing it down is one of the biggest obstacles I face when opening an account. So, basically, I’m the type that would sit there and stare at you bluntly when you ask me to tell you about myself. You can hear me say something as absurd as: my name is Fatima, and I have no idea when she’ll be coming back to me. You’ll tap on my shoulder, wish me luck and leave Fatima and I alone. Or you’ll -out of curiosity- stay and ask, who is Fatima?

Ahhh! I’m playing games on your brain now. My major is Psychology, nonetheless, I fail at playing games at people! So, if you wish to stay and listen to my failures, you’re most welcomed 😉

You can definitely leave in peace or simply stay so I can lend you a piece of my mind. In simpler words, I’m the person that would take six months to execute an idea, a plan or just a blog.


* In the background, the sleeping baby has yet no persona.


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  1. Hey Fatima,

    salem’s christmas present for me was your blog, I think he is planning on some cross cultural dialogue…and after all I was really curious about what person lies behind your name. Now I feel like leaving a comment, although it will due to awaiting christmas dinner be only a very short one:

    The way you write I think is “beautiful”: The poems are ugly, heavy and self loathing in a thought provoking way and it’s always stimulating to read from people who are (as?) idealistic! Unfortunately I could not watch the MTV documentary, but understood parts from it. Funnily enough, to confuse ppl from my hometown, I’d have to do the same as you: wear a coloured abaya…a plan worth following!^^

    I admire your efforts to stay and challenge your city, or make it a “loveable” place, smth I couldn’t do!

    In that sense bon courage with your work (also with the idealism) and support from Germany!


    p.s. here is my blog, maybe you’d like to have a read through:
    I will certainly follow yours!

  2. Hello,

    I believe by his present to you, I too, have received a beautiful unexpected one: reading your words. All the way from Germany. Cross cultural indeed.

    The posts, some life…? in addition to the one on drugs and life have captivated my mind the most, thus, I chose to leave my comment below that unique thread of thoughts, but I failed to! So here I am.

    Mary christmas Franzis. May this year be of great inspiration to you, may the whole world wear its own colored abayas and may all the ugliness allow us to produce beauty.

    Your new follower,

  3. Hello Fatima,

    Really i liked your blog, and i would like to invite you writing in our newsletter, it’s called “Youth in Depth”, Our mission is to represent the youth segment in Jeddah and later on, in all of Saudi Arabia.

    let me know if you were intersted, and provide me with your email so i can send you more info.

    Best Regards,
    Adeem Ismail.

  4. Change .org…start a petition in the US…there is always reason to hope! My Motto is reason and knowledge will prevail over superstition and ignorance …persist always…remain indefatigable in your pursuits…good luck

  5. Hello Fatima, I just wanted you to know that I was very touched by your episode on mtv. It was moving to see you and other individuals in your city, striving for something more and better for your country. I noticed as I skimmed through your blog that you apologized, in case you had offended others in your country or of strong similar religious beleifs. And I just ask, please dont. You spoke out from a perspective that drew away from the traditional lines of your culture, but still within a moral realm. And you did this respectfully and patiently, knowing others may and would have strong objections against it. In my opinion, this is the only way that permanent change can be acheived and get people thinking about a new way of life.

    I am an American girl, 22, living in Washington and can’t help from being inspired by the slow evolution your country is currently going through. I would love to know more about your culture and what I could do to help in your fight to acheive equality and promote change. I also would love to talk to you and know how you’re doing now. I really connected with your passion and could see that fire inside you that just wants more for your society…it is inspiring and amazing. If you have facebook, I would love if you could add me as a friend so we could talk.

    Freedom and civil rights are taken for granted here and when I see beautiful people like you (inside and out), not receive what should have been bestowed on them at birth, it angers me and won’t stop until I can see something done about it. You’re an awesome girl and I hope to hear from you soon =)

  6. Ahleen,

    I am thrilled and amazed with the amount of thinking you must have went through while constructing such nice pieces.

    One of the hardest thing in life is resizing who we are and where we belong. It does not matter if we Interpret our past or await for the mysterious future, we will be always lost in-between. I always thought that the best place to visit is “Neverland”. It is that magical space where we could experience others’ ideas and thoughts. It helps finding some truth in our self “In every depth, every human, you’ll find a clue”. I guess I have just found a Land that I could keeping visiting for some fuel throughout out the journey.

    I found some of your words inspiring but filled with sadness. However, I see hope and faith too. I can’t ask you who you really are cause you will be biased :P. What lay behind a mask is who we are and what people will keep seeing is just a projection. I am extremely glad to to be reading such blog.

    Best Wishes

  7. Hello Fatima!

    I am sure you are tired of talking about your MTv appearance, however, I must explain how much I appreciate what you and the other youths did so many years ago by participating in this show.

    I am a world geography, English, and fine arts high school teacher in a very rural town in Louisiana, United States. I open my lesson on the Middle East each year with the students telling me their expectations of life in Saudi Arabia. Not to be too specific, but the perceptions are incredibly off. This documentary provides a strong connection between my students’ frustrations and the frustrations of youths a world away. My students see, often for the first time, Muslims and the Middle East in a very positive, realistic way.

    They don’t see a desert, militaristic wasteland like many actually expected. They see people just like themselves trying to make a city that they love become the city of their dreams. You and the other featured youths spark a flame of interest in other cultures and in understanding the true meaning of having a global perspective.

    At the end of the lesson, I ask the students to write a brief paragraph reflection of what they learned. I ask them to pick their favorite and explain why. You are the overwhelming favorite in every class.

    Unfortunately, my students are left with more questions than I can answer as a 26 year-old Christian from a small town. My students and I would love if we can open communication between us. We truly lack honest, un-biased resources about the Muslims and the Middle East here.

    Please let me know what you think! My students are excited to hear from their heroine!
    Mrs. Vizier

    • Mrs. Vizier, I am deeply honored to read your comment, as I honestly wasn’t expecting I would stumble upon such encouraging words this afternoon. I have good news for you, as I am living in Cambridge, MA, where I am completing my masters degree now, and would love to engage with your students sometime soon if you wish.

      Warmest regards,

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